European Porcelain from the Marton Museum Collection
London, Croatian Embassy, June 14th – July 6th, 2008

The Marton Museum, located in Zagreb, Croatia is pleased to present its latest exhibition, "European Porcelain from the Marton Museum Collection", running from June the 14th to July the 6th, 2008 was showcased at the Croatian Embassy in London.

The exhibition featured around 100 exhibits from the museum's celebrated collection of 18th and 19th century European applied art. Highlights included objects produced in the Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory, Vincennes - Sèvres Porcelain Factory, and the Vienna Porcelain Factory including some rare Du Paquier pieces.

Visitors to the exhibition also had a great opportunity  to see the newly acquired bust of Maria Theresa, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire and mother of the infamous French Queen, Marie Antoinette. This recently discovered masterpiece is probably a rare example of the large-scale porcelain sculpture produced in the Viennese manufactory after it had been acquired by the Empress.

Some of the world’s finest specialists participated in writing the catalogue, including Antoine d´Albis, Andreina d´Agliano, Aileen Dawson, Claudia Lehner – Jobst, Annette Ahrens and Selma Schwartz.

• London, Croatian Embassy, June 14th – July 6th, 2008